ForHealth Reflect RAP 2024

ForHealth Reflect RAP 2024

I am excited to have completed and another RAP package for this year for ForHealth with their RAP officially launched.

This was an exciting journey to be apart of working with the team at ForHealth creating a digital design and then creating their RAP document.

“Unity in Health: A Journey to Reconciliation”

In this Aboriginal Contemporary Artwork Story,I portray ForHealth’s dedication to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare for all Australians, with a specific focus on supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The artwork features a central circular motif representing ForHealth’s 80+ multidisciplinary centres, symbolising their interconnectedness and commitment to community care. The circle is adorned with vibrant and meaningful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patterns and symbols, signifying the cultural significance of healthcare in these communities.

At the heart of the artwork stands embracing people representing healthcare professionals, illustrating the compassionate and inclusive nature of ForHealth’s services. The people reach out to smaller circles surrounding it, symbolising the
various services provided by ForHealth, such as Medical Centres, Dental Facilities, and Allied Health Facilities.

Within the smaller circles, we see distinctive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander symbols, like dot paintings and boomerangs, indicating the organisation’s dedication to supporting the health and well-being of these communities.
Beneath the central motif, a river flows, symbolising the ongoing journey towards reconciliation. Footprints along the riverbanks depict the steps taken by ForHealth to build meaningful connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Above the river, a rising sun represents a brighter future for all Australians, where equal access to healthcare and opportunities is a reality. The sun’s rays extend outward, symbolising the positive impact of ForHealth’s Reflect RAP on communities nationwide.

On the sides of the artwork, handprints in various colours signify unity, collaboration, and collective efforts towards achieving reconciliation. These handprints represent the involvement of diverse individuals and communities in the journey to a better future.

In summary, this Aboriginal Contemporary Artwork Story visually portrays ForHealth’s commitment to unity, reconciliation, and inclusive healthcare. It highlights the organisation’s efforts to engage with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, fostering understanding and promoting equal health opportunities for all Australians.

The colours used within the artwork are taken from the organisation’s brand colour palette.

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