Vector Art

Vector artwork is art that's made up of vector graphics. These graphics are points, lines, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas. When you scale a vector image file, it isn't low resolution and there's no loss of quality, so it can be sized to however large or small you need it to be. It's an excellent tool for putting company logos on business cards, creating poster designs, and when photo-shopping in Adobe Photoshop. Any art made with vector illustration software like Adobe Illustrator is considered vector art.

In comparison, raster art (also referred to as bitmaps or raster images) is created using colorized pixels. When you enlarge a raster file with pixel-based art too much, the edges look jagged and the quality is lost. The resolution independence vector art displays allows it to be used in a variety of forms, from small illustrations to massive billboards.

  • Aboriginal, Graphic Design, Reconciliation Action Plan, Design, Logo


    Rasterised images become pixelated or blurry with jagged edges. These are standard images like photos or images you download off the internet.

  • Aboriginal, Graphic Design, Reconciliation Action Plan, Design, Logo


    Vector images manintiain thier high quality resolution no matter what size you make it, This is ideal for all graphic design and is only available in professional design software. NOT ProCreate!

I only create graphic designs in Vector format so you get the best quality!