Palmolive Australian Extracts Dishwashing Liquid

Connecting culture, country and community

Aboriginal artist Lani Balzan brought to life the rich stories behind Palmolive Australian Extracts range

A unique collection honouring culture, country and community.

Developed with purpose, the Palmolive Australian Extracts range pays tribute through close collaboration and partnerships with First Nations Australians.

Infused with Australian botanical extracts, this is an invitation to engage in a unique sensorial experience, as well as honour the rich land and communities of Australia’s First Peoples.
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Coming Together

Signalling the importance of working and walking together, ‘Coming Together’ represents unifying people through the sharing of food and stories. The land, laden with Quandong Peach and Frangipani reveals emerging pathways to the future of Closing the Gap, as we work as one on reconciliation.

Our Waters

Celebrating the relationships between water to both congregating and life-giving, 'Our Waters' represents the sustenance fresh water brings to our gathering places, connecting us all. River Mint and Desert Lime provide nourishment on land, while the flowing river is symbolic of cleansing the past as we move forward on our journey through reconciliation.


Projecting the connection of nature to the sun, ‘Sunshine’ represents life-giving and gathering. The social representation of bees returning to the honeycomb is designed to draw parallels to our own busy lives and homes, building strong connections from experience. Sharing our stories works toward reconciliation.