Qleave 2023 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan Launched

Qleave 2023 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan Launched

I am excited to have completed and another RAP package for QLeave this year with their RAP officially launched.

This was an exciting journey to be apart of working with the team at QLeave creating a canvas artwork, turning it into a digital design and then creating their RAP document.

“Unity in Connection: Embracing Reconciliation”

Created for QLeave’s Innovate RAP, “Unity in Connection: Embracing Reconciliation” by Lani Balzan embodies the significant role QLeave plays in fostering reconciliation and our dedicated efforts towards fostering stronger unity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. At its core, the artwork portrays QLeave, our clients, and our team as integral parts of the interconnected community we operate within.

The gathering symbol portrayed in the artwork serves as a powerful representation of a place that warmly welcomes and embraces all individuals, while also embracing the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This depiction stands as a powerful symbol of inclusivity and meaningful connections.

In the right-hand corner, the sun takes its place, accentuating the Queensland Sunset as it casts its radiant rays upon the adjacent land. This signifies the warmth and hope that QLeave brings to its vision.

Adorning both sides of the artwork, pathways with footprints symbolise the individual journeys taken towards mental health and wellbeing. These paths represent the diverse and unique experiences of each person in their pursuit of wellness.

On the left side, wave patterns with dots are depicted, symbolising our deep-rooted connection to Sea Country along the east coast of Queensland. This connection serves as a reminder of the important relationship Indigenous peoples have with the sea and its significance in their culture.

Small orange pathways signify QLeave’s connections to communities residing on the land. In harmony, smaller gathering symbols in orange and blue represent the people living in these communities, highlighting their unity and shared values.

Flowing alongside the pathways are blue rivers, symbolising the inland waters that sustain life and provide support. These waters represent the source of positivity and transformation as they continue to flow and create positive change.

Throughout the rest of the painting, background dots gently remind us of the Queensland sunset, reinforcing its significance and beauty in this narrative. This artwork, rich with symbolism and meaning, stands as a testament to the importance of reconciliation and the enduring connection between people and their land.

Download Qleave's RAP

More Info here: https://www.qleave.qld.gov.au/about-us/reconciliation-action-plan

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