Wildlife Health Australia Reflect RAP 2023

Wildlife Health Australia Reflect RAP 2023

I am excited to have completed and another RAP package for Wildlife Health Australia this year with their RAP officially launched.

This was an exciting journey to be apart of working with the team at Wildlife Health Australia creating a digital design and then creating their RAP document.

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“One Health: The Circle of Life”


In this Aboriginal Contemporary Artwork, the story of “One Health: The Circle of Life” unfolds to represent the vital connection between all living beings in Australia’s natural environment. The central motif is a mesmerising circle, symbolising the unity and harmony that exists among wildlife, people, and the land. Within this circle, intricate patterns and vibrant colours intertwine, representing Wildlife Health Australia as a whole.

The Story:

At the heart of the artwork, the majestic wildlife of Australia takes centre stage, showcased in their unique beauty and magnificence. The artist captures the essence of these animals – from the striking kangaroo to the elusive koala, from the graceful emu to birds – each one representing the rich biodiversity found in Australia.

Radiating from the wildlife are lines and pathways that extend outward, symbolising the interconnectedness between wildlife, people, and the environment. These lines merge with symbols representing land use, climate change, and societal practices, signifying the challenges that threaten the delicate balance of nature.

The artwork features people standing alongside the wildlife, demonstrating the harmonious coexistence between Indigenous Australians and nature. These figures symbolise the profound knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations, emphasising the ancient connection between Aboriginal people and the land they have cared for thousands of years.

The core values of Wildlife Health Australia (WHA) are woven into the artwork as vibrant threads:

  • Wildlife health matters - represented by the strong, unyielding tree trunks, signifying the support and protection offered to Australia’s wildlife
  • Culture of respect - symbolised by a hand print, reflecting diversity and unity
  • Meaningful connections - depicted by intertwining vines that signify the collaborations and trust between WHA, government agencies, Indigenous communities, and other stakeholders
  • Responsive and visionary - captured in flowing waters and land, representing our country
  • Integrity and excellence - depicted through the precision and intricacy of the artwork’s design.

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) journey of WHA finds its place in the artwork through a path of footprints. These footprints represent the steps taken towards respectful and meaningful relationships with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The RAP Reflect is represented throughout the artwork, guiding WHA towards building lasting and authentic partnerships.

In 2023, WHA’s new focus on two-way trusted partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island organisations is symbolised through different elements. This represents the sharing of knowledge, science, and lore between WHA and the Indigenous communities for the preservation of Australia’s iconic wildlife.

Overall, “One Health: The Circle of Life” celebrates the intricate web of life in Australia, where all beings and elements are intertwined and interdependent. It serves as a powerful reminder of the responsibility we all share to protect and sustain the health and harmony of the land, its wildlife, and its people. The artwork beckons viewers to embrace the principles of One Health and cherish the precious gift of Australia’s biodiversity, ensuring that it thrives for generations to come.

Download WHA RAP

More Info here: https://wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au

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