Our Journey Together

In 2024, I collaborated with AEMO on their Reconciliation Action Plan project to create an artwork showcasing their business and the Reconciliation Journey. This involved crafting a custom canvas piece using their corporate color scheme, which was then transformed into digital vector format for integration into the document.

Journey of Unity: AEMO’s Reconciliation Path

As the artist, I approached this Aboriginal artwork with deep respect for the themes of reconciliation and cultural connection embodied by AEMO’s journey. My intention was to visually narrate the story of AEMO’s engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through symbolic elements rooted in my artistic connection with my culture.
The central Gathering symbol serves as the heart of the composition, representing the convergence of AEMO as a company with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. I rendered this circular symbol with signifying patterns and people symbols to convey a sense of community, where stories, experiences, and knowledge are shared and celebrated.
The flowing journey pathways emanating from the Gathering symbol depict individual and collective journeys towards cultural understanding and reconciliation. These pathways with footprints, adorned with intricate line patterns towards the bottom area of the artwork symbolising gas networks, highlight AEMO’s role in facilitating energy access and reliability across diverse landscapes.

In the top left corner, I depicted the sun with vibrant waves of light, symbolising Australia’s abundant energy resources and our collective dependence on renewable energy for a sustainable future.
The three circular symbols embodying AEMO’s values—Character, Connection, and Commitment—are rendered with traditional motifs, underscoring the company’s dedication to inclusivity and partnership.
Throughout the artwork, scattered leaves represent a deep connection to the land, emphasising the importance of Country and its life-giving properties in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
The waved paths with white lines on the sides symbolise electricity networks, underscoring AEMO’s critical role in powering communities nationwide. Beyond these paths lie depictions of the land, affirming the enduring connection to Country cherished by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
The colour palette, inspired by AEMO’s corporate identity, reflects our commitment to sustainability and progress. Vibrant purples and blues to create a harmonious visual narrative that celebrates diversity and unity.
In essence, this artwork is a testament to AEMO’s ongoing journey towards reconciliation—a collaborative endeavour that honours Indigenous cultures, fosters mutual understanding, and paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Lani Balzan
Wiradjuri Artist
Aboriginal Art by Lani

Multimedia collage

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